Feature Highlights

Integrated Regulatory Motif Detection

Batch/Pipeline Processes

Batched pipeline processes to fashion batch/pipeline analyses of multiple sequences of eight integrated motif detection related service. These services can be arbitrarily combined to form batched pipeline workfows. See User Manual for detail.

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Enhanced features allowing overlapping the annotation of selected sequences.


Integration with Internet Explorer

SeqVISTA has been integrated with Internet Explorer. After you install SeqVISTA, you will find a new toolbar button (the installer will ask your permission) shown as following:


Generalized Functionalities for Integrated Visual Data Mining of BioSeqs

SeqVISTA provides powerful visual data mining tools for bio-sequences (nucleotide/protein).
SeqVISTA supports data loading from the GenBank database, either through URL copy/paste, or using gi/accession number.
SeqVISTA also supports virtually unlimited data input from various computational programs, such as RepeatMasker, Michael Zhang Gene Finder, Cister, etc.
SeqVISTA supports direct queries through web services using analysis plug-ins. Its open architecture enables integration with virtually unlimited sequence analysis resources.
SeqVISTA supports comparison of multiple sequences, in either parallel or compositive modes.
SeqVISTA provides powerful searching abilities using Regular Expressions. It also enables searching on both strands for nucleotide sequences.
Supports image output with high resolution, please see a sample image with 300 DPI

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Fig.1 Comparison between GenBank record, Michael Zhang Gene Finder and RepeatMasker of Alad gene


Fig. 2 Comparison between GenBank record and PSIPRED prediction for CGMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase (protein sequence)