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FAST is a program for aligning three-dimensional protein structures. Given two PDB files, it will compare them and try to establish residue-residue correspondence between the two proteins, so that structural similarity is maximized. FAST is significantly faster than similar methods. As a result, the web server can send alignment to your browser quickly. However, frequent users are encouraged to download the executables and run it offline.  FAST has been successfully compiled on many platforms. If your system is not found below, please drop us a note and we will happily expand our list.


1. Download FAST by clicking on one of the following links:

2. Uncompress the file with gunzip and tar:
    $ gunzip fast-your-platform.tar.gz
    $ tar -xvf fast-your-platform.tar

3. FAST is now ready to run. On a Mac computer, FAST should be run in a command-line based window.


Feb 22, 2004, numerous fixes to port to systems other than Linux.

Feb 20, 2004, include RMSD in the output.